Make Your
Job Postings Creative
and Effective

Discover the simple yet remarkably versatile solution for pinpointing your ideal workforce. So fast and economical, it will change the way you search for the right talent - forever!

Using technology, psychology and HR savviness, we've developed the perfect online solution to address a critical need:

How to give job postings the excitement and corporate brand appeal to attract the right-fit applicants.

Developed by a team of HR and Talent Acquisition professionals, we created JOBWriter™. An innovative program that writes customized, compelling and effective job postings in less than 5 minutes, automatically!

These newly creative job postings have attracted applicants that have the required skills as well as the personal attributes needed to be successful in their role in virtually every industry, job classification and job level.

See how simple and fast it can be to attract the best applicants for your organization. These creative job postings also highlight that you and your company understand it's not just what your employees do, but that special something they bring to what they do, and that's compelling to all stake holders.

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Exhausted your local talent pool? Planning for more cost-effective company relocation? Rethinking strategic staffing, workforce and diversity initiatives?

Now, with Workforce Locator™, all the answers you seek are at your fingertips. With a click of your mouse, this patented (US Patent No. 9,047,585), web-based application puts current US government, as well as other reliable sources of workforce data, within easy reach.

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